Moving Futures reflection

5 February 2018

During every edition we invite the visitors to share their experience, in words or images. Here you can read some of the reactions written by the press and the audience about their festival-experience in Tilburg or Arnhem.

The beauty of this festival is that it invites you to, for a moment, step into the world of young makers and that it provides food for thought and discussion. Some of the dance-pieces will be emotionaly touching, others will leave you speechless, it is art in the most broad and personal sense. Theaterparadijs read more

Dance-film ‘Le Faune’ by choreographer Joseph Simon is a reflection of the gaze of a male creature on femininity: the faun who is lying down in wonder while four nymphs play in the afternoon sun. **** Theaterkrant read more

The three dancers are constantly connected while dancing. Schumacher’s work [Transitioning Performance] takes you into a colorful world and cheesy* music in which the dancers’ performance is serious, but occasionally turns into a parody. As soon as the bell rings and the music stops, they go all out; a primal instinct takes over that pushes them to their limits […]Theaterparadijs read more

I will start with a confession: I cried during the last part of 25feet . Very briefly and only because it was dark […]. Because the dancers, after having fought onto their underwear, were sweaty and panting and battered on a square of 30×30 cm (the size of 4 feet) taking on inhuman / magical / intimate poses, as if as if they wanted to disappear into each other, as if they were investigating the many ways to intertwine two bodies .Bezoeker op read more

25Feet – The 100Hands