At the Moving Futures festival everyone can discover how you can be touched by dance

26 January 2017


Interview met Maarten Baanders


Moving Futures festival is looking for new audience for modern dance

Interview with Suzy Blok, Sanne Wichman and Marie Goeminne, written by Maarten Baanders for Cultuurpers

‘Many people find contemporary dance difficult. Especially performances of young makers who are experimenting and looking for new ways . We do this not only by showing good performances by young makers. We also provide activities surrounding it, context programs. Thus, we give the public tools to find a connection with what dancers show. […] How can we change the image that modern dance is difficult? How can we remove the fear? Not only dance groups and production houses have to deal with subsidy cuts. Theatres as well are reduced. The result is that the doors are closed for many young dance makers. Theaters want to be sure of full houses. […] It are the context programs that get the theatres interested. These programmes are making a connection between the performances and with the audience. ‘

Maarten Baanders interviewed Suzy Block, Sanne Wichman and Marie Goeminne as a preview of the festival.

Read the article at Cultuurpers (in Dutch)>>>

Published 25th of January