Context Program for Artists: ‘Building a Sustainable Practice’

In this context program Dansmakers Amsterdam & Moving Futures invite you to come together concerning the theme: How do we, as makers, build a sustainable practice and how do we nurture it?

We initiate the meeting through three speakers, each with their own view and experience: Roberto Casarotto, Saskia de Leeuw and Alida Dors, to later shift to all the participants and enter into a conversation in smaller groups. Wendy Lubberding (writer, journalist) has been invited to moderate the afternoon.

We would like to welcome you to share your own experience and vision with us and to join us in this special session.

WHEN: 23.05, 13:30 – 16:00 WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam

Entrance free – Reserve:

Swirling Dance Act & Aperitif

From 22 to 25 May you will experience the universe of dance at Dansmakers Amsterdam and Theater Bellevue with an interactive and versatile daily Moving Futures festival programme.

The first day of the Moving Futures festival in Amsterdam will start festively with a welcome drink, snacks and a surprise dance act by CHRONOS, danced by students of the Academy for Theatre and Dance. Everyone is welcome from 19:45 (with a valid ticket from the festival programme Dance Without Borders>>>). We are not only celebrating the start of the festival in Amsterdam, but also the premiere of Not on this Earth by Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince.

Afterwards at 20:30 you can go to the festival programme with the premiere, Bored to Death by Judith Clijsters and a film programme by Cinedans.

Dance workshop DIFF Dance Centre

Dance workshop for everyone, with or without dance experience. By one of the teachers of DIFF Dance Centre.

Introduction contemporary dance – Sanne Wichman

An interactive introduction to contemporary dance by Sanne Wichman.

Live poetry by Wout Waanders

Wout Waanders will perform live poetry after the performances.

Art, the body and identity

Annelie David, former dancer and choreographer (Het Nationale Ballet, Stichting Pure Dance Company, Danswerkplaats) will discuss changes in contemporary dance and the relationship to the body with dance collective NEON (‘Körper’).


In an interactive way we will explore our relationship to the body. How do we relate to our body? Do we feel home?

(Wo)man vs. Machine

How do you turn a robot into a human being? What movements is a robot capable of? Puppet player and theatre maker Tim Hammer researches this topic. Together with dancer Fernanda (Arnhemse Meisjes) and writer Martin Rombouts he will, together with the audience, research the topic of realistic movement by a machine.

The possibility to change the traditional viewing world of the viewer gives new room to maneuver. What if we change the viewpoint drastically? And what if you, as a spectator, are put in the middle of the intimate space between a man and a woman? How do you deal with the role of voyeur so close to the skin, with the complete freedom to study every fold unabashed and thereby choose what you focus on?

The triptych consists of three films, each showing a couple of a different age – between 20 and 70 years old.

The movement concept is minimalistic: in a quiet, slow movement, the two constantly try to relate to each other, to the light source and the immeasurable space around it. You see rapprochement and struggle; an ambiguous game between vulnerability and strength. So close to the skin, a pleat, the ticking artery, turns a tense tendon into a monumental landscape.
Monumentum is a 360-Dance Video installation viewed within VR-Glasses. The installation contains three VR-Glasses you can choose from. Within the glasses three couples aged between 20 and 70 make a minimal dance performance. By viewing these movements in 360 you’ll have the freedom to look around. You as an active observer take a position close to the skin. Viewed from a ground level shot: the dancers appear like Cathedrals around you. You will be part of the Monumentum.

One body, apparently at rest.

Six poses.

Different perspectives.

Karel Tuytschaever has two starting points for this installation: a specific situation and an individual approach. From De Nieuwe Vorst as home theater – her historical, social and aesthetic context – and with the body as a medium, he invites people to watch.


Umrao&Me is an innovative lecture performance in which Nikita shared with the audience personal letters she wrote to the legendary early 20th century Indian Tawaif performer (courtesan) Umrao Jaan Ada on what it means to be a woman artist in present day society. Letters that tackled questions of obsession, male and female gaze, politics, beauty, sleaziness, tenderness and cruelty.

STRANGER (studiopresentation)

Karel Tuytschaever wants to pay tribute to him: the man.

Who and where is he?
The man is looking for himself.

The man seems to have disappeared today.
What does it mean to be him?

STRANGER flirts with the various sub-personalities of the phenomenon man, and tries to refocus the male image. This performance connects dance with film and exposes the perspectives of one vulnerable male body.

Talent Talks: Dance & Film

In the Talent Talks, artists give a glimpse in their creative processes. Especially for Moving Futures we present an evening dedicated to Dance & Film. How do you actually make a good dance film? And do you make it together or alone? We enter into discussions with professionals from the two fields. We bring choreographers, dancers and filmmakers closer together. Meet each other during drinks after the Talent Talks.

Tonight: director Ramón Gieling and choreographer Pim Veulings on their new film Poor Boy.

Dance&Dare Expo

During traveling dance festival Moving Futures, five writers in joint work sessions investigate the new writing about dance. Playwright Anna van der Kruis gives them a helping hand in completing a course between viewing experience, navel gazing and being in conversation with the reader. Dance critic Lisa Reinheimer gives them more context. Read and see the results of this innovative writing course. Dance&Dare is a collaboration and intellectual property of Domein voor Kunstkritiek & DansBrabant.

Wax Me Apart

(How) can the human body stand as a vehicle of culture?

Sculptures exist for thousands of years, they show what has been there, they are memory, almost solidified time.

The human body is changeful, expendable, a vessel for an existence in a particular moment, while at the same time carries prototypes and stereotypes, moldings of a reality, and what’s this that’s left behind..

If the concrete immobile sculpture stands for timelessness, what happenes when it comes together with dance performance where time sequence plays such an empathic role?

Like spiderwebs containing remains, ossified bodies that preciously had once been there, Wax Me Apart is an exploration of a time-clash that takes place in a particular time and space.

Meal with Artists

Eat with the artists at the festival and enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal or burger. Costs: € 12,50. Sign up via this form. 

SHOW ME (Try-out on location)

Try-outs in DansBrabantDepenDance, Goudenregenstraat 15-07, Tilburg. 
May 9 from 7pm – 8pm
May 10 from 5pm – 6pm

The100Hands are in the middle of creating  SHOW ME (première this Summer!) and would like to invite you to a test-session.

A physical social game for everyone with a body and curious eyes.

In Show Me three female dance performers use their bodies, language and physical interaction to explore the do’s and don’ts around ‘looking, showing and being watched’ with an audience. Where do you place yourself? In the dark or close to one of the spotlights that illuminate the space? Who looks at who, what is revealed by what we look at and how easily do you look at someone when you are seen by others?

With references to online (sharing) behavior, Show Me invites to a shared experience, a physical game in which unquestioned social codes become visible and open to discussion. Everyone’s decency is at stake and the game also brings up some challenge and friction.

Show Me plays in theater, on alternative locations and festivals.



NB: this performance takes place as a warming-up for Moving Futures Breda, a week before the festival, on Friday March 29 from 4 pm during the Friday afternoon drink in MotMot Gallery, Electron, Belcrumweg 19, Breda.

In STAND (STAAN) the core members of The100Hands test each other’s ability to keep standing to the very limit. How far can the body be pushed, pulled and bent without coming from the floor with both feet? What if not defining a winner but finding a way to play with strength and dedication is the goal?

In this process The100Hands do not describe the content in advance, but they go STAND on different places to discover, together with visitors, deeper layers of meaning to this encounter. Or rather to let those layers STAND out by themselves.

Image: Sam Bierings.

Pode Ser

In Pode Ser Leïla Ka combines theatre, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. In a solo boxing match about borders, aspirations, and chaos, she researches the relations between the individual and the world.
The Portuguese expression “pode ser” can be translated as “it could be” or “perhaps, perhaps not”. This ambiguity is expressed clearly in the combination of the different dance styles displayed in the solo and becomes all the more powerful through the sincerity of movements and Leïla’s intriguing stage presence.

Pode Ser is Leïla’s first solo work and has already won several prices in her home country France. The work was also on the shortlist for the Aerowaves Top Twenty 2019.

Cinedans 2019

As partner of Moving Futures, again Cinedans put together a special dance filmprogram. The program is based on the different themes and subjects of the performances in the festival. Shorter films from different choreographers and directors are screened.

Films travelling with the festival

Lil Buck with Icons of Modern Art – Director: Andrew Margetson – United Kingdom 2016, 4′: Chicago-born dancer Lil Buck takes London-based director Andrew Margetson on a light-footed tour through the halls of the Frank Gehry-designed ‘Fondation Louis Vuitton’.

Are you multifocal – Director: Assi Weitz, Rob Gradisen – The Netherlands, 2017, 4′: Through an absurd race in your neighborhood back-alley, the film focuses on documenting movement across time in surreal, settings.

Ossa – Director: Dario Imbrogno – Italy 2016, 4′: “All the world is a stage”. In this theater the dance of a puppet, destructured in time and space, shows us the mechanisms that pulls the strings.

Interference – Director: Julianna Ottlik, Kinga Kovács – Hungary, 2018, 4′: The Dynamics of Pattern Interference.

Six in the Beauvoir – Director: Emma Scarafiotti, United Kingdom, 4′: A site-specific performance addressing the way space influences behaviour and movements at the urban area of Beauvoir.

Bleeding and Burning – Director: Guillaume Marin, Canada, 2017, 3′: An orbit of red and black coordinated by the assembly to reach a new galaxy.

Werewolf heart – Director: Christian Weber, Dalel Bacre – United States, 2016, 4′: ”You’d look nice in a grave, I smile at the moon, death is on my face, And if you wait too long, Then you’ll never see the dawn again.”

The Fool Plays With Himself

The Fool welcomes you! This character is designed and performed by Connor Schumacher. The Fool reflects and interacts with space by tapping in the individual and communal archive of the human body. He gives critical thought, comic embodiment and engagement of the mind and body of himself and the spectator. Give him an inch – and he’ll take a mile.

Not on this Earth

This performance confronts us with the limitations that have been imposed on us.

We create our own universe through fearless and emancipated physicality.

This is our way of imagining the unimaginable.

We look for the friction, between what we try to hide or soften, the taboo between you and us.

Die Verwandlung

After the short version of Die Verwandlung, inspired by the book of Franz Kafka, Sophie Mayeux explores in a new performance the evolutionary process of the species, starting from the creation of the first landscapes and seascapes to post-human creatures.

The characters of Die Verwandlung will cross centuries, brave the depths of an unknown universe, going back to the origin of the world. In this performance, emergency blankets are used as a medium in order to trace the different transformation processes. This way the fabric becomes a wonderful tool to free our imagination.

In 2016 she won the Choreography Award at the ITs festival for the short version of Die Verwandlung.

Bored To Death

Bored To Death is about how much we ask of ourselves and how passive our body becomes of that. We live, work and seek relaxation in our heads. The body is bored to death and gets little or no more challenge. Judith translates the overquestioning of our thinking into physical movement and seeks, breaks and surrenders. Until she changes her strategy and dares to look at who and what has always been.

Judith Clijsters is an observer and works intuitively, where her attention goes to discerning what is real or fake. She does all this with a strong but gentle physical movement language and a sober but very detailed aesthetic, where you as a spectator get space to really watch.

Femke Verbeten – Cosmic Latte

If you add up all the light that travels to earth from all visible galaxies in the universe, and show it to someone as if it were emitted by one celestial body, then you will see the color Cosmic Latte, the color of the universe. During this pop-up dance performance Theater a/d Rijn is the universe, in which three dancers from ArtEZ dance academy use the different elements of the foyer to create your very own Cosmic Latte.

The PREformance Act – Arnhemse Meisjes

De Arnhemse Meisjes will prepare you for an evening full of contemporary dance. Let your senses be moved in The PREformance ACT and becoming aware of the different forms of movement. Just open up to learn to enjoy the festival’s performances in a deeper way. Listen, feel and experience what dance can do to your consciousness.

Notes on Synchrony

In ancient Buddhist debate, two or more monks explore inconsistencies in their reasoning while engaging in a highly stylized movement sequence. Neuroscience shows that the brainwaves of the monks synchronize during this practice, literally creating a mental connection. Notes on Synchrony is an experiment in which contemporary dancers and neuroscientists co-investigate the meaning of this connection. In this living laboratory of brain and movement research, the audience witnesses the collision of two very different disciplines exploring the same phenomenon.

Fading Fire

Fading Fire takes on the theme of fire. This piece confronts the complexities between nature and humans. It is an exploration on balance, tension, and reaction. The solo uses the dance to make sense of the situations that are outside of our control, and pushes the line where function meets dysfunction. Lois graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at The Juilliard School in New York, USA, and is currently based in Amsterdam.


Hope & Heavy Metal

Sigrid Stigsdatter creates together with musician and visual artist Juliet Aaltonen a physical and visual music album live on stage. We follow a female performer up close, a complicated character. Her body is revealed as a personal memoir full of images, physical confrontations and songs that are stuck in her head.

Note: In this performance, a stroboscope is used!


Seminar: The significance of the body in performance

During Moving Futures Festival in Arnhem, De Nieuwe Oost, ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance and NCPA organize a practice-led seminar on how contemporary dance and performance address the body and physicality and how this resonates in our current society in order to contribute to multidisciplinary knowledge exchange for and with performing artists. The seminar takes place during contemporary dance festival Moving Futures in Arnhem.

What bodies are (not) represented on stage? How do makers deal with physicality? What are the meaning and the importance of the body in performance? These questions form a starting point for dialogue between theatre maker Igor Vrebac and professor of Culture & Inclusivity Liedeke Plate (Radboud University) that grounds and shapes this seminar. Their dialogue will continue with the participants during the interactive seminar. We talk, share, practice and reflect together.

Students of ArtEZ, Radboud University and the HAN register for free. Partners and supporters of the NCPA network as well. Professionals and practitioners: €5,00 incl one free drink.
Reserve your ticket at

Thursday 7th of February 2019 14:00-18:00h
Theater aan de Rijn

Note: upon registration you need to choose if you want to watch OR participate in the practical session with the makers. Practical work is accessible for all levels.

Blur #1

In Blur #1 Ibon Salvador explores the borders of the human body. He bombards the human body with cinematographic references like zombie bodies, ghost bodies, automatons and cyborgs. In parallel, he develops a more tactile work, inspired on viscous, slimy, gelatinous and sticky textures. He hacks and reprogrammes the human body and in this way seeks to incorporate  information through another perceptive channel; that of touch.

Singer Songwriter Simon Keats

Simon Keats – known as the keyboardist of The Kik – writes really beautiful pop / folk songs. After his first solo album (Time 2014), Simon Keats left for New York to find his ‘folky roots’. In 2017 the second album Space was released.

Listen to his music >



Körper questions the unconscious way most of us live our lives. We all have our own different rituals which serve to reaffirm our idea of self and nurse our ego, but we rarely stop to consider what we actually base our choices on. Are we really in control of who we grow up to be? What made us who we are, and what happens if you don’t conform to the expectations of society.

NEON is a choreographical collective that consists of Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen (DK) & Leon Emil Franzke (DE). The two dancers/makers met at ArtEZ Dance Academy. NEON takes the audience out of their daily routines and gives them a physical sensory experience. NEON won with Körper the Amsterdam Fringe Award 2018. “Exceptional performers in a powerful and moving piece”, according to the jury.


Bosnian-Dutch artist Igor Vrebac examines the strength of the female body with three superb women. They are driven and swept up by the energetic beats of composer Tonny Nobel to test their bodily endurance. How powerful is a woman without losing her strength? Together they put an end to stereotypical femininity and feminine behaviour to enjoy an everlasting celebration of stamina and heroicity. A physical performance as a tribute to women in their full glory.

HEROES is the first production of the Igor Vrebac Foundation. After Macho Macho (winner of the Dioraphte Best of Amsterdam Fringe Award 2016) and TRÆNS (selection for Dutch Dance Festival 2018) he concludes his theatrical quest for masculine and feminine behaviour with this tribute to women. This time he takes inspiration from the intriguing world of female bodybuilding.


Choreopop is a choreographed music album, a hybrid between a dance performance, a pop music concert and live video-clips. Where body and voice become inseparable. Musician Chai Blaq and choreographer Jesús de Vega collaborate in this multidisciplinary project with the aim of merging two disciplines and their creative processes. They both find inspiration in things that seem broken: society, relationships, climate, bodies etc. 


Dancetalk: Merel Heering

Do you feel so uncomfortable during an aftertalk? Join Dancetalk! Moderator Merel Heering takes away all the inconvenience. Before you know it you are in an animated conversation with the choreographer and you have given words to your experience.

Emotional Porn – Exhibition of the Self

A boundless universe of dance and audiovisual art installation which explores our social obsession in self exposure through the use of modern technologies. Performer/choreographer Keren Rosenberg, visual artist Tony Markus Sacharias & Filmmaker Nicola Cavalazzi create an immersive physical and virtual interface between the human body, image and performance. Inviting audiences to reflect on their own perception of identity, as they touch realms of intimacy, social positioning, vulnerability, fear and confrontation.



Lullaby is a danced, contemporary lullaby that focuses on the current millenial problem: the idea that life should always be fun. For twenty minutes two millenials and their dynamic, acrobatic duet take you into a slightly absurdist world in which this problem is explained. Lullaby shows, reflects and gives suggestions. The performance has a flashy character, is sometimes confrontational, but is always performed with a wink.

Photo: William van der Voort.

The Beauty of Falling Apart

Choreographers/dancers Heather Ware and Hilde Elbers share a deep rooted passion for the outdoors, for nature. They are intrigued by the moment when the power of nature turns from liberating to threatening, when our own insignificance is put to the test and the drive for survival takes over. This exposure requires us to find our own safety.

Departing from this shared theme, Hilde and Heather created two radically different solos for each other, with Heather dancing in Hilde’s work and Hilde in Heather’s work. At the moment that the solos began to find their shape, both felt the need to make the works more than a sum of their parts. What would happen if these two realities were brought into contact with each other? How does our understanding of what someone is experiencing change when another is present, and how does this presence affect our empathic potential?

The Beauty of Falling Apart is an uncanny and yet seductively precise exercise in how two individuals strive to find trust, to inhabit the thin edge of being ‘just safe enough.’

Picture: William van der Voort.

Panflutes & Paperwork

Panflutes & Paperwork is a collaboration between choreographer Ingrid Berger Myhre and composer Lasse Passage Nøsted. In the duet they take existing expectations around ”creating music for dance” or ”dancing to music” as a starting point. The duet playfully problematizes the conventional relationship between dance and music by challenging the standardised idea of they each have to live up to and what they together can produce. In their quest for assimilation without compromise, the work makes use of scores as a tool to define and prioritise collective structure above individual skills.

“When the form is in place, everything within it can be pure feeling” – A.Schöenberg

The title alludes to the contrast between the dry and the “wet”: Panflutes, on the one hand suggests the playful, sensational and passionate. Paperwork on the other refers to notation, the formal and bureaucratic. Myhre and Passage both work with a lighthearted approach to composition and share affinities in regards to subtle humour. Panflutes and Paperwork is in many ways their formalistic  approach to expressivity.

★★★★ – de Volkskrant:
‘Hilarious and sweet, as they try to share everything (even each others talent) in this small hour full airy performed nonsense-games. The opening is strong, with a synchronized spoken word dadaïstic poem full of duo-words: fish & chips, meet & greet, up & down. Just like the sitting duet full of sharp head nods on the rhythmic rumbles of four percussion blades.’

“Ingrid has an excellent view on combining text, dance, image and sound. Because of the intelligent way she combines these elements her work becomes accessible to a wide audience.” Kristin de Groot, Dansateliers



With Exhibition Connor Schumacher invites you into the archive of the maker and his performer Majon van der Schot. The exhibition is the culmination of professional en personal experiences from 2016 in which the theme ‘relationships’ is central. The performers find inspiration in different contexts: museums, dance academy workshops, film sets, and theater stages. They wonder: How do we relate? How do you approach the expectation of relations?

“..Incredibly smart and original..” Krisztina de Châtel

“Exhibition by Connor Schumacher is refreshing. In short sequences Schumacher and Majon van der Schot have short showdowns, in a sort of ‘Jane Fonda meets The Met’. Numbered as ‘exhibitions’, short scenes are danced in a language drenched by the fitness cult.” Theaterkrant, 2017

“The fascinating Exhibition shows a series of short, visual scenes with live video in which we see him, her, but also their relational struggles. Schumacher’s alien aesthetic is unique; plastic, fake and animation are words that come to mind when looking at his characters.” De Volkskrant, 2017


Can I be a chameleon? And if so, what would it look like if I transform into different colours?In Chameleon choreographer/dancer Joseph Simon researches the different movement languages he himself embodies. Some languages are hard to master, others are spoken by many or closely related to each other. By asking himself if it is possible to clearly distinguish the different languages his body holds, Joseph takes you on a surprising, physical journey.

Joseph Simon grew up in different countries and cultures. His wide interest in dance made sure that he, next to knowledge of multiple languages, got acquainted with many different dance styles. As a choreographer he now combines different movement languages and investigates topics like personal and cultural identity.

‘As a catapulted dance pellet he moves along dance styles, like classical ballet, breakdance, house, hiphop and showswing. Slowly his body unfolds.’ – Annette Embrechts, de Volkskrant