We are all connected, and everything is intertwined

Body-House is an artistic approach for movement and choreography, developed by Keren Rosenberg for the past eight years, which enables her to create in a physically and raw way. It is based on the awareness and shifting of physical, emotional and sensory boundaries. This practice separates humans from all social shells and from externally imposed roles and brings the focus back to the vitality of the living body.

“The open spaces of raves breathed freedom into me. In these sacred temporary entities I felt the most beautiful and genuine unmasked human connection with myself and with others.  There I met my inspirations and still do: this deep urge to expose the rawness of the body that is moving and rigorously sweating. It is these types of experiences I wish to create and share with audiences, with the artists I collaborate with and in the spaces I am creating with my work: the unattained reciprocal pure energy that we all carry within us, underneath all our socially constructed skins.”

Body-House is key to Keren Rosenberg’s physical and artistic practice, in which she approaches the human body as a vessel that carries energy and vibrations, where skin functions as a two-way wall between the inner and outer space, between intimacy and the social world. Like a house, our body has windows and doors that have a direct dialogue and connection between us and what surrounds us. Rosenberg has mapped out several key portals, or energy centers, in the body. By awakening flow and movement within them, we can create direct awareness to how we feel under our skin and how do we share ourselves with the world around us.

Through the use of direct breath, sound and music, Keren is leading participants into a genuine experience where they are invited to unleash inner inhibitions and to connect to the primitive body and the energetic life force that exudes through it. They are invited on a journey where they can tune into their own physical, emotional and mental awareness: unlocking areas in the body where energy is stagnated or weakened, and communally re-igniting the joy, the spirit, the spark, the heart, the passion and sense of freedom, to be who they need to be.

How to prepare:
Wear your favourite comfy party clothes, dim your lights, have a bottle of your favourite drink nearby. Connect with your computer & using your meanest loudspeakers and you are freaking good to go!!


Join via Zoom
Sunday 25 April, 11.00 – 12.00

Works by Keren during Moving Futures:

For Moving Futures, Keren will be sharing two chapters from her performative novel Going Primal:

Chapter 2 – Punk Your Spirit 22/4

Chapter 3 – Re-Connect 29/4; (accompanied with a live strem session of Body-House)