Bored To Death

Judith Clijsters

Bored To Death is about how much we ask of ourselves and how passive our body becomes of that. We live, work and seek relaxation in our heads. The body is bored to death and gets little or no more challenge. Judith translates the overquestioning of our thinking into physical movement and seeks, breaks and surrenders. Until she changes her strategy and dares to look at who and what has always been.

Judith Clijsters is an observer and works intuitively, where her attention goes to discerning what is real or fake. She does all this with a strong but gentle physical movement language and a sober but very detailed aesthetic, where you as a spectator get space to really watch.


Dance: Judith Clijsters
Music: Dyane Donck
Light: Raf Wouters
Dramaturgy: Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar
Production: Murmure/Judith Clijsters, C-Takt, DansBrabant, Makershuis Tilburg