Die Verwandlung

After the short version of Die Verwandlung, inspired by the book of Franz Kafka, Sophie Mayeux explores in a new performance the evolutionary process of the species, starting from the creation of the first landscapes and seascapes to post-human creatures.

The characters of Die Verwandlung will cross centuries, brave the depths of an unknown universe, going back to the origin of the world. In this performance, emergency blankets are used as a medium in order to trace the different transformation processes. This way the fabric becomes a wonderful tool to free our imagination.

In 2016 she won the Choreography Award at the ITs festival for the short version of Die Verwandlung.


Concept & direction: Sophie Mayeux | Dance: Hellen Boyko, Simon Caillaud & Léo Lequeuche | Composer: Kaspar Föhres | Scenography: Cecilia Borettaz | Lighting & Set Design: Rob Daanen | Graphic conception: Anne-Emilie Philippe | Production: De Nieuwe Oost & Company Matecznik. Sophie Mayeux is accompanied by the Junior Ballet of the company Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas de Calais.