Special festival price:  €9,-

What is DIT?
With the online project DIT (Digital Intimate Theater), The100Hands questions the foundation of all its work, in which ‘the value of the physical live encounter with yourself, the other and the environment’ is always recognized and examined.

Together with filmmaker Eva Sjerps they investigate how digital theater at home can still evoke the intimacy of the live encounter. Not as a replacement for live contact, but as a stimulating exercise to play with it.

The first edition of DIT is specifically made to be watched at home, on your own and at a time that suits you.

While the theatres are closed and you are home, take a moment of “me-time” and enjoy DIT.

What to expect
DIT is not made to be watched passively. Storyteller Jasper Džuki Jelen invites you to actively shape your own experience. DIT guides your attention to the sensations in your body and the meaning you give to them, to the space surrounding you, and to how emotion and the need to act surface and change over time.

Jasper invites you to explore objects in your surroundings through touch, but also to get off your chair and subject parts of your room to a tactile investigation. Stories and questions provide these actions with a (new) meaning.

Throughout DIT you have the freedom to determine how you want to interact with it. The way DIT is built supports a relaxed, calm state of mind, from which you can experience the phenomenon of “touch” with curiosity.

How does DIT work?
After you’ve ordered & paid you receive an email with a code, which gives you access to the online environment of Moving Futures/Korzo Studio X.

Have an ‘on demand’ ticket? After your first login, you have access to DIT for 24 hours.

  1. In the same email you’ll find useful tips to get the most out of DIT. Give yourself some time for these simple preparations.
  2. DIT doesn’t have to be downloaded, but can be streamed online and has a duration of  45 minutes.
  3. Afterwards we offer you various options to reflect on your experience. We have a number of questions ready for you, but you can also record a thought or question, or participate in a live zoom session with Jasper and others who experienced DIT.

If you want to do these 3 phases (preparation, DIT itself, reflection) one after another, we recommend that you reserve at least an hour for this. The Zoom session is not included in this estimate and will take place on a fixed time, for which you can sign up.

Première, Friday 23 April, 20.00 
and then ongoing


Do It Yourself – voorstelling

Direction, Narration, Text: Jasper Džuki Jelen Film and Editing: Eva Sjerps Dramaturgy: Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj Music: ArthurMusic Light: Stijn Jonkhart Design: Esther Sloots With the support of: Performing Arts Fund, Municipality of Breda, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and DansBrabant. The100Hands works in a long term partnership with DansBrabant.