With Exhibition Connor Schumacher invites you into the archive of the maker and his performer Majon van der Schot. The exhibition is the culmination of professional en personal experiences from 2016 in which the theme ‘relationships’ is central. The performers find inspiration in different contexts: museums, dance academy workshops, film sets, and theater stages. They wonder: How do we relate? How do you approach the expectation of relations?

“..Incredibly smart and original..” Krisztina de Châtel

“Exhibition by Connor Schumacher is refreshing. In short sequences Schumacher and Majon van der Schot have short showdowns, in a sort of ‘Jane Fonda meets The Met’. Numbered as ‘exhibitions’, short scenes are danced in a language drenched by the fitness cult.” Theaterkrant, 2017

“The fascinating Exhibition shows a series of short, visual scenes with live video in which we see him, her, but also their relational struggles. Schumacher’s alien aesthetic is unique; plastic, fake and animation are words that come to mind when looking at his characters.” De Volkskrant, 2017


Choreography: Connor Schumacher Performers: Majon van der Schot, Connor Schumacher Dramaturgy: Maaike Schuurmans Technician/light design: Edwin van Steenbergen Image: Robert Benschop Production: Dansateliers Thanks to: Krisztina de Châtel Made possible by: Fonds Podium Kunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam