Igor Vrebac

Bosnian-Dutch artist Igor Vrebac examines the strength of the female body with three superb women. They are driven and swept up by the energetic beats of composer Tonny Nobel to test their bodily endurance. How powerful is a woman without losing her strength? Together they put an end to stereotypical femininity and feminine behaviour to enjoy an everlasting celebration of stamina and heroicity. A physical performance as a tribute to women in their full glory.

HEROES is the first production of the Igor Vrebac Foundation. After Macho Macho (winner of the Dioraphte Best of Amsterdam Fringe Award 2016) and TRÆNS (selection for Dutch Dance Festival 2018) he concludes his theatrical quest for masculine and feminine behaviour with this tribute to women. This time he takes inspiration from the intriguing world of female bodybuilding.


Maker: Igor Vrebac | Performers: Inbal Abir, Nina Fokker, Nicole Geertruida | Music: Tonny Nobel | Costumes: Mirte Engelhard | Light: Rob Daanen | Image: Menno van der Meulen | Image design: Jolijn Ceelen | Production: De Nieuwe Oost | Sponsor: RH MOTORCYCLES, City Bootcamp Arnhem | Thanks to: Eve Hopkins, Linda Kokke, Nikkie Jessen, Maria Wattel, Michelle Vlemmix, Shannen Delilah | This project was supported by Fonds 21