Inside a residency – Homo Ludens

Anton van der Sluis

The Playing Man

In February 2021 Anton van der Sluis, together with Nick Deroo, investigated the ‘Homo Ludens’ (the playing human being) and different layers of play. De Nieuwe Oost Arnhem – Theater aan de Rijn was their playground.

During the Moving Futures festival 2021, Anton will give a daily ‘glimpse’ of his residency around the theme of ‘Homo Ludens’, the playing human being. Together with Nick Deroo he explored different layers of playing: from very outside with costumes, to physical transformations, to playing with only a body part.

This week Anton will give you a look behind the scenes of his residency and take you with him in his research by highlighting each day an element he has researched. This week he will take you through transforming into characters, playing with shoulders and toes, to a real Little Red Riding Hood scene and you can see how an idea slowly takes (more) shape(s)

Anton van der Sluis

Anton’s work focuses on the physical empathy of the viewer. Through the precision of movement and the alienating transformations of the body, he invites the viewer to rediscover their own physicality and imagination. His work poetically depicts the attempting and sometimes failing human being and is therefore not only comical, but also tragic in its relatability >Read more on Anton’s artist Page

from Thu 22nd until Wed 28th april a new video will appear online every day. This content will be discussed all together on the last festival day: Thursday, April 29, at 19:00

Watch all the videos here >