Judith Clijsters

With a nod to the world of games,composer / musician Patrick Housen and dancer / choreographer Judith Clijsters battle with their demons. Engaged in their own discipline, universe and patterns, the challenge is to find each other. In the midst of a world where contradictions are getting bigger, I Still Remain X is searching for tolerance and connection. This performance is an immersive trip in the power of being together. An ode to connectedness that appeals directly to the heart through dance and music. A visual and auditory spectacle that aims for a feel-good feeling. The performance is suitable for a wide audience, from people with a weakness for dance and music to festival goers and passers-by. Accessible and very welcome for everyone from 14 years old.


Performance: Judith Clijsters & Patrick Housen
Dance: Judith Clijsters
Music: Patrick Housen
Dramaturgy: Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar
Scenography: Eline van Herreweghen
Production: Roosje Horckmans (Makershuis Tilburg)
Sound: Patrick Housen & Raf Wouters
Light: Raf Wouters
Video: tbc
Costumes: Eline van Herreweghen
Design Poster/Flyer: Goele Martens
Partners: C-TAKT, Makershuis Tilburg, Via Zuid, Intro in Situ, wpZimmer