The possibility to change the traditional viewing world of the viewer gives new room to maneuver. What if we change the viewpoint drastically? And what if you, as a spectator, are put in the middle of the intimate space between a man and a woman? How do you deal with the role of voyeur so close to the skin, with the complete freedom to study every fold unabashed and thereby choose what you focus on?

The triptych consists of three films, each showing a couple of a different age – between 20 and 70 years old.

The movement concept is minimalistic: in a quiet, slow movement, the two constantly try to relate to each other, to the light source and the immeasurable space around it. You see rapprochement and struggle; an ambiguous game between vulnerability and strength. So close to the skin, a pleat, the ticking artery, turns a tense tendon into a monumental landscape.
Monumentum is a 360-Dance Video installation viewed within VR-Glasses. The installation contains three VR-Glasses you can choose from. Within the glasses three couples aged between 20 and 70 make a minimal dance performance. By viewing these movements in 360 you’ll have the freedom to look around. You as an active observer take a position close to the skin. Viewed from a ground level shot: the dancers appear like Cathedrals around you. You will be part of the Monumentum.

Choreography:  Anja Reinhardt Dance: Amy Galeandrea Beugger, Izah Hankammer, Kris Adem, Miquel de Jong Music: Jesse Koolhaas Financed by: Stichting Stokroos Tilburg Film: Bob Driessen Thanks to: Ad van Iersel