Movement workshop: Physical togetherness during a pandemic

Marta & Kim

In times when touch is scarce, all touch there is has extra meaning. 90% of our communication is body language. If so, what does it mean to only be able to touch one or a few persons? Are we aware of what we communicate with our body? In this workshop with Marta & Kim, you can explore the meaning of physical togetherness in a relationship. Explore it with your partner by touching with attention, sharing weight and discover what this does to you.

Language: English
For whom? No experience required. You can participate in this workshop together with a partner, a friend or a loved one that is a part of your household or that you form a ‘corona-bubble’ with.

You can follow this workshop at your own level. Simply follow the instructions on the video and join us as soon as you’re ready.

Join for Free (online) via Zoom, click here for the link
Thursday 22 April, 18.30
No tickets needed, Marta en Kim like to know how you are. If you like you can fill in this form

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