Moving Sounds

Ruben Chi

With Moving Sounds internationally-renown dancer Ruben Chi creates his first performance as a dance maker at production house De Nieuwe Oost. Four urban dancers unite their dance & music skills in this energetic performance. 

In Moving Sounds four dancers/musicians mix their backgrounds, styles and rhythms. They travel through different genres, memories and feelings. What are life’s various rhythms and how do they sound when they melt together? What happens when we adjust to the rhythm of the others and when do we choose our own way? In this dynamic performance the dancers create the music that determines the rhythm of their movements, through which they discover the rhythms of life.

Dance act

Choreography, in cooperation with the dancers: Ruben Chi | Dancers & musicians: Thien Bao, Ruben Chi, Argil “Synthazoid” Randon, Oscar “Ozzi” Starink | Dramaturgical advice: Shailesh Bahoran, Adriaan Luteijn | Costume: Mirte Engelhard | Photo: Henck Pengel | Trailer: Kyllian Hazes | Production: De Nieuwe Oost | Supported by: Gemeente Arnhem, Provincie Gelderland, Fonds Cultuurparticipatie