Can I be a chameleon? And if so, what would it look like if I transform into different colours?In Chameleon choreographer/dancer Joseph Simon researches the different movement languages he himself embodies. Some languages are hard to master, others are spoken by many or closely related to each other. By asking himself if it is possible to clearly distinguish the different languages his body holds, Joseph takes you on a surprising, physical journey.

Joseph Simon grew up in different countries and cultures. His wide interest in dance made sure that he, next to knowledge of multiple languages, got acquainted with many different dance styles. As a choreographer he now combines different movement languages and investigates topics like personal and cultural identity.

‘As a catapulted dance pellet he moves along dance styles, like classical ballet, breakdance, house, hiphop and showswing. Slowly his body unfolds.’ – Annette Embrechts, de Volkskrant


Concept, choreography, performance: Joseph Simon Light design, technique: Quintus Costume: Min Li Music: Magnetic Minds, Kokoroko (Abusey Junction) Dramaturgy: Merel Heering Dramaturgical assistance: Kristin de Groot, Kim Hoogterp  Image: Marie-Sarah Simon  Co-production: Dansateliers NL, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, ES  Special thanks to: Tuan Tran.