Punk Your Spirit

Keren Rosenberg

Going Primal – Chapter 2: Punk your Spirit:
3 solo acts of humans unleashing their own inner spirits

Going Primal is a physical and ritualistic performative novel by Keren Rosenberg which consists of six chapters of collective performative experiences, that seeks to bring the body back in time, to its primal roots and form: boundless and free.

In a series of six chapters, Keren Rosenberg aims to create cross-disciplinary hybrid performative experiences for her audiences, both in real life and in virtual environments.
The connective element between these chapters is that they all emerge from the same research question: “If we were to be given the possibility to re-create a new space based on everything that we know, what kind of space will it be? Which value system will it hold?
Each of the chapters offer a different experience that reflects on these questions.

In this performative chapter the two dancers from the previous chapter (Not On This Earth – The Void Of Longing) are coming back to life accompanied by a daring instrumental and physical solo by Richard van Kruysdijk. Their bodies are emerging and starting to physically transform, supercharged by the lifting force of sound and vibrations. Richard van Kruysdijk’s music is extremely present, emotional and physical.

The lens of video artist Nicola Cavalazzi is choreographed throughout the experience. His view as a witness on stage is being projected on the back wall, offering the audience members the possibilities to experience several realities and perspectives that are happening at the same time.
Especially for Moving Futures Festival, video artist Nicola Cavalazzi will be creating an artistic edit inspired by the themes of Going Primal and the outdoor rave experience.

Watch online:
Thursday 22 April, 20.00

Prior to Going Primal – Chapter 2: Punk your Spirit, audience members are invited by Keren and Moving Futures to the journey together through the Body-House practice – as a means to establish common ground and give viewers keys to enter to the unfolding experiences with an open heart and physically present body:
Live session via Zoom

Afterwards in studio.x, Keren Rosenberg will talk with Carmen Muskee, dance curator for We Are Public.
Member of We Are Public? Then you can go to the performance for free

Chapter 3 of Going Primal: Re-Connect to experience on Thursday 29 april

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Performance online

Concept & Choreography: Keren Rosenberg Performance: Nik Rajšek & Keren Rosenberg Music & Performance: Richard  van Kruysdijk, Fallus Dei Light Design: Prem Scholte Albers Videography camera Nicola Cavalazzi Artistic Advice & Dramaturgy: Jesús de Vega Producer: Florain Verheijen Coaching: Suzy Blok Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam Photography: Alwin Poiana