Keren Rosenberg

Going Primal – Chapter 3: Re-Connect
An immersive virtual communal dancing act

“Even though our bodies cannot physically meet, we can virtually & energetically form a temporary tribe. Together we invite you into our experimental universe by actively taking part with your moving body and with your open heart”

Going Primal is a physical and ritualistic performative novel by Keren Rosenberg which consists of six chapters of collective performative experiences, that seeks to bring the body back in time, to its primal roots and form: boundless and free.

In a series of six chapters, Keren Rosenberg aims to create cross-disciplinary hybrid performative experiences for her audiences, both in real life and in virtual environments.
The connective element between these chapters is that they all emerge from the same research question: “If we were to be given the possibility to re-create a new space based on everything that we know, what kind of space will it be? Which value system will it hold?” Each of the chapters offer a different experience that reflects on these questions.

In this performative chapter, performance artist, choreographer & developer of the Body-House physical practice Keren Rosenberg (NL) is taking over the online performance space of AEJAA in collaboration with Moving Futures Festival and Korzo’s Studio X. In the 3rd chapter of the performative novel Going Primal, Rosenberg is virtually connecting live with an international team of soulmate artists from Berlin, Athens, London and Arnhem. Together they are creating a visual, sonic and physical exploration of active interconnectivity through distance. Inviting audience members to Re-Connect together with them to their own source of energy and bodily vitality with the intention to unleash the hidden inner spirit.

Re-Connect experience consists of three parts:

  • Live streamed Body – House session from theatre Aan de Raijn together with the students of Artez Academy.
  • Summoning: a Live performance by Keren in collaboration with music producer/drummer Gerrie Spaansen (NL) and light designer Prem Scholte Albers (NL)
  • The immersive virtual rave experience: carried on the waves of the beating sound of electronic DJ /producer Bias (Greece), live visual manipulations of video artists Nicola Cavalazzi (UK) & Christos Atzin (Germany) in collaboration with all the national and international online viewers.

How to prepare:

  • Wear your favorite comfortable party clothes
  • Dim your lights
  • Have your favorite drink on hand
  • Connect to your computer and use your best speakers
    … And you’re ready to go!


Experience online:
Thursday 29 april, 20.00

Chapter 2 of Going Primal: Punk your Spirit to watch on Thursday 22 april

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Performance online