SHORTS – Film program

Arnhemse Meisjes

Film program with short dance films and interviews with the makers of the film. On the program:

Memories of the Future
Arnhem Meisjes
Dance collective Arnhemse Girls wants to bridge the gap in corona times by bringing dance close to people with the dance film ‘Memories of the Future’. The images and movements tell the story of one person and each person at the same time. >Watch the Trailer

Something Soft
Marta & Kim
Marta and Kim are a Dutch / Norwegian duo that combines circus and dance. With three bodies they create one organism, an ecosystem that is endlessly in motion. Immerse yourself in these wonderful movement structures and watch Something Soft, a short film made in collaboration with filmmaker Paul Sixta.

Moving Sounds
Ruben Chi
Moving Sounds is a short film, a dynamic journey through rhythms and stories. Together with dancers from different backgrounds, choreographer Ruben Chi seeks a connection with everyone’s inner experiences. They create the music themselves that determines the rhythm of the movements and thus discover the different rhythms of life.

Joseph Simon
In his first dance film Le Faune, the camera looked from the perspective of a reclusive faun. In this second film, Chameleon, Joseph Simon turns the camera and portrays this lonely creature himself, in the embodiment of a chameleon. An animal full of ambiguity, fluidity and changing desires. It seeks and chases something. Through the textures and colors the camera dives under the skin in an attempt to depict the visceral.

Watch Online:
Sunday 25 april, 16.00
Tickets € 9,00
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