STRANGER (studiopresentation)

Karel Tuytschaever / BARRY

Karel Tuytschaever wants to pay tribute to him: the man.

Who and where is he?
The man is looking for himself.

The man seems to have disappeared today.
What does it mean to be him?

STRANGER flirts with the various sub-personalities of the phenomenon man, and tries to refocus the male image. This performance connects dance with film and exposes the perspectives of one vulnerable male body.


Conceived, visualized + directed by Karel Tuytschaever.
Created with and embodied by Laurent Delom de Mézerac.
Produced by BARRY. Co-produced by C-TAKT + DansBrabant.
New Adventures Resident with and with the support of Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK Amsterdam. Was made possible by Grensverleggers, arrangement to support cultural collaborations between parties in Flanders, the Province of North Brabant, the Province of Limburg and the Province of Zeeland.

The show will premiere in Belgium in September 2019 at the C-TAKT # 3 festival in Genk, and the Dutch premiere will be in De Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg. In February 2019 Karel worked in the studios of DansBrabant, a first work-in-progress of STRANGER can be seen at Moving Futures!