Karel Tuytschaever / BARRY

From one male body, Karel explores in STRANGER different concepts on the man. The performance connects dance with film and shows different perspectives on male physicality.

What man are you? What man do you want to be?

STRANGER zooms in and out with our largest organ, the skin, as the only filter. The skin that breathes, makes contact and is the closest connection between yourself and the other.


Concept + directed by Karel Tuytschaever
Created with and embodied by Laurent Delom de Mézerac
Set design + lighting designed by Lies Van Loock
Sound design Frederik Van de Moortel
Original music excerpts by Paul Kalkbrenner, Malcolm Stewart + Alessandro Scarlatti
Artistic collaborator for costumes Chris Snik
Artistic collaborator for film Joery Erna
Artistic collaborator for film + visual effects Arno Ringoet
Foley artist for film Elias Vervecken
FX makeup artist for film Labhise Allara Mandango Ciratu
Ceramics for film Kachiri Faes
Graphic design for ceramics Jeroen Los
Dramaturgical advice by Jesse Vanhoeck
Artistic outside eye Nienke Reehorst
Karel Tuytschaever works in a longterm partnership with DansBrabant.
With thanks to Schippers&VanGucht, Rec’N Roll studio, Nicolas Baeyens / Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Piet Van Dycke, Sander Boschma, Willy De Vocht + Eli Verkeyn
Research interviewees Bram De Groote, Nicola Brajato, Jaan Jochems, Pascal Gielen and Peter De Graef
Co-produced by C-TAKT + DansBrabant
Production assistance by Evelien van de Sanden + Pien Rutten
Poster image by Joery Erna
New Adventures Resident with and with the support of Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK Amsterdam
Was made possible by Grensverleggers, arrangement to support cultural collaborations between parties in Flanders, the Province of North Brabant, the Province of Limburg and the Province of Zeeland
With the support of Zuidpool
Scenephotography Alwin Poiana