Abandoned Women / Verlaten Vrouwen

Abandoned Women is an accessible dance performance for the public space, created and danced by five female dancers from contemporary dance collective Arnhemse Meisjes – New Seeds. Through dance they explore the different varieties on the spectrum of the experience of “being a woman”: from strength to vulnerability and back again. For this, they draw from their own personal experiences, emotions and their development from “Girls” (Arnhemse Meisjes means Girls from Arnhem) to “Women”, an experience they went through simultaneously in recent years. The shared experience of being abandoned is their main source of inspiration. In a playful, light-hearted way, they throw their (female) bodies into the fight – the struggle and recognizable quest of trying to deal with emotions such as pain, anger, sadness and the fear of being alone.

Dance act

Makers & performers: Inbal Abir, Yeli Beurskens, Anna Fransen, Aida Guirro, Kim Tuerlings | Live music and  composition: Wout Kemkens 

Made possible by Gemeente Arnhem, Provincie Gelderland, NORMA Fonds & Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Gelderland.