Workshop | Ruben Chi

Ruben Chi

Hiphop Freestyle workshop – Ruben Chi

“Discover new fun ways to express yourself within dance
Learn tools to find your way within the hiphop dance vocabulaire ans get in-depth explanation about Chi’s perspective on freestyle dance”

About Ruben Chi

Ruben Chi is an Arnhem-based movement artist and choreographer. In his work, this innovative interdisciplinary artist continually searches for the boundary between movement and music. He has won the international dance competition Juste Debout Holland five times in a row and is also the winner of the renowned Summer Dance Forever festival. With Soulcypher, Chi is building a sustainable hip hop dance community in Arnhem.

Saturday, April 24, 14:00 recorded from Danscentrum Utrecht.
To be seen Thursday April 29, 3 pm in studio.x

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