You and Me Anytime Anywhere

Judith Clijsters

Please note: this program is only available in Dutch.

Grab your headphones and let yourself be entertained by a cheeky storyteller. In You and Me Anytime Anywhere Judith Clijsters designs an intimate but playful experience for four people in public space. This group is connected and guided by music and stories and is accompanied by a few home-garden-and-kitchen props.

Meet some strangers or rediscover your family and friends through play, mystery and use of your imagination. No talking!

premiere, Thursday April 22
and then continuously

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Do It Yourself – voorstelling

Concept: Judith Clijsters
Co-creation physical journey: Piet Van Dycke (dOFt), Manon Avermaete (Cie Woest) and Zoë Demoustier Scenario
Script: Sanne Nouws (House of Nouws) Muziek
Sound-editing: Dyane Donck
Voice: Lottie De Bruijn
Technical support: Raf Wouters

Supported by: Makershuis Tilburg, DansBrabant, Plan, C-Takt, Walpurgis, deFENIKS, Moving Futures