Q&A with Marta & Kim

17 April 2021

Marta & Kim talk about their Movement Workshop: physical togetherness during a pandemic


What is the inspiration for creating this workshop?

In our work we are always busy with physical interactions and touch, and our workshops are generally rooted in physical contact. The last year naturally focuses a lot on whether we can touch or not, while we think it is also important to increase our awareness of how we physically interact with the people we do touch. Often physical training and practice is limited to sports and fitness. Now is a good moment to get back to basics and practice simple principles together, to train our sensitive and communicative bodies.

What is the importance of Touch for you and in your work?

If you have seen our performances, you will know that it is essential! We are working mainly with partnering techniques and contact improvisation, and all our work is based on sharing knowledge through touch. Our way of connecting circus and dance happens mostly through this kind of physical exchange, and while we are in contact with each other we have access to a pool of understanding and pathways that exceeds our individual capacities.

Do you think the meaning of Touch has changed in the last year?

Yes, it has probably become more precious and people have definitely become more aware of it. Normally only violent or harmful physical contact is prohibited. Now all physical contact is largely restricted for infection control purposes, and it is confusing as it conflicts with our intuitive logic. Probably many people have been confronted with the restrictions of touch. When a friend starts to cry and you cannot hug them, the necessity of something you normally take for granted becomes very pressing and you might run into strange moral conflicts that seem very artificial. But there are also so many ways of touch that we are barely even aware of, which we suddenly have to think about.

What are the elements and tools that the audience will play with, in your workshop?

We will explore and extend our “vocabulary” of interaction and our awareness of what we are doing. Simple tasks and alternating roles. For example, leaning and hanging, leading and following, degrees of touch ranging from light (barely touching) to deep (pushing, massaging), being in control or letting go of responsibility, daring to trust and earning trust. We will be working with what we call “physical metaphors”, where these concepts become visible and literal. Finding these balances in a practical physical dialogue invites us to reflect, but also to just experiment and do something together.

What would you like the audience to take with them, at the end of the experience?

Increased understanding and awareness of their physical interactions. You can never touch someone without being touched back, so touch is inherently the most basic form of communication. It’s an interaction that happens within the personal space. Sharing a living space in the way we do now, asks us to be very aware of each other and create a nice and generous place for ourselves and others.


22 april, 18:00
Movement Workshop: physical togetherness during a pandemic
Marta & Kim | Dansateliers, Live release
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