Q&A with Selm Wenselaers

28 April 2021

Selm Wenselaers has interviewed our Moving Futures artists festival during the organized after talk. We took a moment to ask them few questions:

You took the time to interview some of the artists of Moving Futures. What sparked your attention? Were there similarities in their answers or approaches?

I was pleasantly surprised by the resilience and resourcefulness shown by the creators. It has been an exhausting year, in which I myself regularly lost the sense of things and energy. It touched me to see how these young people kept moving forward.

In your opinion, is presenting dance online an obligation due to the times we are living? Or do you think there are positive aspects of this format?

The makers of Moving Futures show that there are other ways to present their work in this day and age, such as with the DIY projects where the audience gets to work on their own. Over the past year, we have collectively explored the virtual environment: an online dance festival offers a nice reflection on this.

As dramaturge and professional spectator, what do you love to see in a dance performance?

Energy and connection. I like to surrender to the energy of the performers. This is often difficult in an online performance, but not impossible, as it turns out.

Having met some young choreographers and knowing about the artistic field, how do you think dance is going to evolve in the future?

I find social choreography wildly interesting, inviting the audience to move and experience for themselves. This is undoubtedly due to the year of standstill we just had.