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4 April 2017

Share your story. Let yourself be heard!

Moving Futures and Domein voor Kunstkritiek invite you, the public, to let your voice be heard during Moving Futures.

The word is to the festival audience at Edit this

With the interactive talk Edit this Post the public speaks and writes with each other about the performances and themes of the festival.
Not only an enrichment for the own viewing experience, but also a valuable feedback for our choreographers. Led by critic Manus Groenen, we invite the audience in every city, to respond jointly. This creates an online travelling report of the festival.

Co-writing in real time

Moving Futures works together with Domein voor Kunstkritiek, who developed Edit this Post for this goal.

We invite you for this virtual aftertalk and we invite you to jointly write in real time at Edit this Post. Are you curious as well about what the previous audience wrote about the performances?

Read it here


What do you expect?

During Moving Futures the choreographers react upon the During Moving Futures Festival, the choreographers react on the current time. About feminism and the politics in the year 2017 “Grab them by the Pussy“, on Millennials and their problematic relationship to the social world “O O O O O O O“, about identity, technology and contemporary miracles “The Definition or Now“. What do you expect?

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Why your voice is important?

For several reasons. The speaking and writing about the seen enriched the experience of a performance. For the choreographers it means receiving valuable feedback. But the most important is probably that the jointly speaking and writing about what we have seen and experienced, makes connections between the performances and the world around us. On March 15, the Netherlands went to the polls, but what did we actually expect of the current politics and which place the art will take over the next few years?

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How it works:

Half an hour before the start of the performance you will get a brief introduction. Participants are in possession of a valid ticket for the evening.
We visit the performances (s) and afterwards, whilst enyoing a drink together, we write a critique of the evening.
Duration: approximately 45 minutes.

After the competition, the joint work is printed directly and can be read during the whole festival or read back online.

Don’t forget your smartphone or tablet! Tablets (and laptops) we can take into custody during the show.

Would you like your voice to be heard in this conversation/would you like to say something about what you saw? Then sign up through

We would like to hear from you!

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