Time to look back

25 February 2019

What is fake, real or digital, and if life is as fun as we all make believe on social media, and this current fitness culture where we ask so much of our body …. the new generation of dance makers gets its inspiration from all the millennial issues. Their dance and performance art is brought together in one traveling dance festival. Between 7 February and 20 June Moving Futures travels along 11 cities in 5 months… and all this time we will stay in this incredible inspiring festival mood :), so tell me, why is life is not always as fun?


Time to look back. Watch here the aftermovie of Moving Futures Arnhem by Motive Media, with amongst others Sophie Mayeux, Lois Alexander, Hilde Elbers, Heather Ware, Connor Schumacher, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Lasse Passage, Igor Vrebac, Judith Clijsters, De Arnhemse Meisjes.